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The Mission:

I hardwork on Logotypes and Advertisement more then 10 years.
Over 50 successfull projects started in Russia by my easy hand.

The mainstream of my career is Naming, Branding and Rebranding.
Also I do all the work about serving the brand: plan the advertising strategy,
create selling pages and interfaces, draw print and outdoor advert.

Usually, I make only 1 logo per week
to concentrate all my mind on concrete work.
After I investigate all details of your project,
it takes me only 5-10 hours to draw my Ideas.
To offer 3 or more variations of Sign for your choice.

Then I lick the Sign up together with you.
Professionally using friendly and helpful communication.
To create the exciting Logo.
To create the Logo which will work in the best way.
To create 100% satisfaction of the workflow for you.
To get new brilliant into my portfolio!

This is the way I do the Work.

Because of unique ability - I know how to catch the idea,
flying in your mind and then constructively grow it up
into a bright graphical Sign.
Certain knowledge of your Target Audience is very important for me,
because I always put myself onto the position of End-user
to understand which technique of visualisation
will make the logo work in the best way.

And for sure, higher medical education on psychiatry,
takes huge part of making high-level productive contact
between client & me.
6 years of studying the principles of human mind works,
made me easy-to-understand what you Really need.






  Mail: Oleg.Ostanin@gmail.com
  Mob: +7 905 233 2601
  ICQ: 279-095-379
  Skype: Oleg.Ostanin